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PatientsLikeMe is an online resource for people living with chronic illnesses, and other medical conditions. This resource allows you to create an online profile to measure your recovery and treatment process with the medication you take. This resource also allows you to communicate with other patients who are experiencing the same medical conditions, to compare medication effectiveness and treatment progress. Over 100,000 users are members of this community.

Please note: If one joins as a member, your medical information will be shared with other parties, as written in the Website's Privacy Policy page: Members should expect that every piece of information they submit (even if it is not currently displayed), except for Restricted Data, may be shared with the community, other patients, and Partners. Members are encouraged to share health information but should consider that the more information that is entered, the more likely it is that a Member could be located or identified.

Subject Headings Chronic Illness, Coping with Chronic Illness - Support Groups, Support Groups

Medical Subject Headings Support Groups; Chronic Illnesses

Published by PatientsLikeMe (2011) USA.

* This is a For Profit resource
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