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Epilepsy Durham

Programs offered include:

- Living Well With Epilepsy: Information and Education
- The Epilepsy Journey, By Seniors For Seniors: an in-service presentation aimed at enhancing community capacity to create support and eliminate isolation by sharing resources, expertise, experiences and decreasing stigma. Seniors presentations are available to all seniors facilities (Seniors Centres and Retirement Residences) in the Durham Region.
- Understanding Epilepsy, From Agency to Community: The focus of this program is to dispel myths, dissolve barriers, teach first response protocol for all types of seizures and to ensure that a safe environment for people living with Epilepsy is provided by the community.
- Peer-to-peer Network: Speaking with someone else with a similar life experience can be both comforting and insightful. Peer-to-peer volunteers draw upon their own experiences to offer encouragement, compassion and helpful information.
- Epilepsy At Work, Employment Support: Getting and keeping a job can sometimes be challenging for a person. Employment-related workshops, in-service presentations, and support are available.



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