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Epilepsy Support Centre

Programs include:

- Clinic to Community program: Provide individuals and their families with information about seizures, seizure first aid and epilepsy. They also provide a network of support services to help everyone in the family to live well with a diagnosis of epilepsy, reduce the burden of epilepsy on the family, the health care system and the Ontario economy.
- Peer-to-Peer Network: Volunteer peers are people affected by epilepsy willing to discuss their experiences with others. Whether someone has epilepsy or has a family member living with seizures, they can be matched with a peer based on commonalities.
- Seizures 101: Expert staff members travel across the centre’s service area to educate the public about epilepsy, different seizure types, and seizure first aid. They  present to any community organization, workplace, or other group.
- Workplace Support Program. Social Club (London): This member driven club is responsible for meeting weekly to engage in shared stories and experiences with the goal of informal support and building a sense of community amongst individuals with epilepsy. The club also undertakes the organizing of fundraising, awareness activities, and social events for all members in Thames Valley throughout the year.
- Epilepsy Support Groups: Individuals with seizure disorders and their family members can come to discuss their experiences and learn new information and strategies in an open, educational, and judgement-free setting. This support group meets on the third Tuesday of every month.



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